Weft Preparation for Shuttleless Weaving

Weft insertion rate is high and unwinding is intermittent on shuttleless weaving machines. Hence it is necessary to have a hard wound package. It is essential to have anti patterning device to prevent slough-off on the fabrics. For spun yar ns, parallel wound package with core diameter of package of 95 mm and a traverse of 90 mm give a good performance. Smaller core diameter of package increases the unwinding tension and enhances the possibility of high weft breakage. Weft accumulators are to be used on high speed weaving machines when the weft insertion rate is above 1000 m/min.

The parameters and machinery in preparatory for the conventional shuttle looms should be thoroughly assessed and suitably modified or replaced for their performance for the efficient functioning of a shuttleless weaving shed. The above factors play a deciding role in giving quality weaving and better returns thereof.